Lost Boys 2 - The Tribe DVD Trailer

For some reason MTV couldn't show this trailer to non-Americans, like me, but I can. Lost Boys 2 - The Tribe is the loooooong awaited sequel to the 1987 (yes it was that long ago) cult classic, Lost Boys.

The Tribe, takes place in Luna Bay, California. A surf town, not unlike Santa Carla, where Vampires dispose of anyone that crosses their path. New to town Chris and Nicole Emerson move in with their Aunt Jillian after their parents tragic death. Nicole falls for one of the local vampires and Chris must work with Edgar Frog to save her, before she is forever changed to a bloodsucker.

The movie was shot in Vancouver last year, and there were controversies over Corey Haim's involvement in the film and whether or not he would be allowed across the border.

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