New Shows for TV

CBS has canceled one of their best new series. Vampire series Moonlight starring Aussie Alex O'Loughlin has been officially canceled. In replacement will be The Ex-List, a series I have no hope for, as a mater of fact I have no hope for any of the six new series set for the 2008-09 season.

As for ABC, they only have two new series. One a comedy and the other based on the hit British series, Life on Mars.

Life on Mars
(Thursdays 10pm)
Based on the BBC series created by Matthew Graham, Tony Jordan and Ashley Pharoah. The series revolves around Sam Tyler, a modern-day police detective who, after a car crash, mysteriously finds himself transported back to 1973 and still working as a detective. The cast includes Jason O' Mara as Sam Tyler, Rachelle LeFevre as Annie Cartwright, Colm Meaney as Gene Hunt, Stephanie Jacobsen as Maya, Lenny Clarke as George Randall, Patrick Wenk-Wolff as Colin Raimes and Richard Benjamin as Milton Kornboll.

NBC has five new series that look fantastic, that I will go into in a post tomorrow.

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