Glover Prez in 2012

While Amanda Peet, fresh off the X-Files: I want to Believe set, has landed the female lead role in Roland Emmerich's movie 2012, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton and Oliver Platt are in talks to fill roles in the disaster epic film.

The story revolves around a global cataclysm and the heroic struggle of the survivors. John Cusack plays a divorced father trying to become a writer while holding a job as a limo driver.

Peet is playing Cusack's ex-wife, newly married to wealthy, Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Glover is in talks to play the president, with Newton in discussions to play his daughter. Platt is in negotiations to play the president's chief of staff.

Emmerich is directing a script he penned with his 10,000 BC co-writer Harald Kloser (Seems they like movies with years in the title). He is serving as an exec producer with Michael Wimmer and Ute Emmerich. Barring an actors strike the movie will shoot in July, with a planned release date of July 10, 2009.

2012 was shopped around with a $200 million budget, but Columbia said it will be made for less than that.

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