Mamma Mia its Alice

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried of the recently completed Mamma Mia said she really hopes to land the role of Alice, but then what role would Johnny Depp play, the Mad Hatter?

Tim Burton is set to begin work on a live, 3D action version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for Disney. The films release date has already been set for March 05, 2010.

Amanda had this to say to The DailyMail:

‘she whispers. ‘Tim Burton’s shooting Alice in Wonderland in London and I think I’m a real candidate for that. I mean, I’m not even close [to being cast] and it’s very far away, but I want it really badly because I respect him so much as a director. He likes weird-looking people for his movies,’ she grins, ‘so I’m really hoping. Plus it would mean coming back to London. I’m a real Brit at heart. I even want my child to be British!’

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