Red Dwarf

For those living in the Victoria / Vancouver / Seattle area, KCTS will be running a Red Dwarf Marathon. Tuesday, August 5 at 11:30 pm for 3 1/2 hrs. Why they need to run it so late at night I don't know.

Red Dwarf celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and KCTS 9 is commemorating the occasion with a marathon featuring the best of the series. Red Dwarf is an enormous spaceship, mining around the moons of Saturn with a crew of 169 members. Before the end of the first episode, 168 of them are dead, wiped out by massive radiation leak. The rest of the series takes place three million years into the future, as the ship meanders along, lost in the heart of deep space. The sole surviving member of the whole human race is Lister, inventor of the fried-egg-and-chilli-pickle sandwich and most likely the scruffiest, smelliest individual ever to grace the universe. Holly, the ship's computer, can sustain just one hologram. Perversely, with the cream of the dead space crew to choose from, Holly has selected Rimmer, Lister's former bunkmate and a total smeghead whose incompetence was responsible for the accident that killed everyone in the first place. Then there's Cat, a cool creature with a supercool wardrobe, the result of three million years of feline evolution, a descendent of the pet Lister smuggled aboard. And finally, picked up on one of their adventures, there's Kryten, a deranged, square-headed android whose sole function in life is to serve.

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