Review: Journey 3D

So I was in Vancouver last week and had an evening to kill and a closed mall across the street from my hotel, it was 7pm. From my room I spotted the Empire Theatres Studio 12 at Gillford Town Centre. A short walk over and I was able to get in to the 7:30 showing just in time to catch the 3D trailer for Fly Me to the Moon.

Journey to the Center of the Earth started out very unassuming. No pop in your face special effects, nothing jumping out of the screen at you. Not until Brendon Fraser brushes his teeth in the morning and spits into the sink.

The whole thing is shot in 3D and is worth the ticket, but I wouldn't see this in 2D that's for sure. The film has elements of cheesiness to it, but the story encloses them well. I feel sorry for the writer that was given a list of things to fit in and had to make the script work. I won't spoil the film for you but be prepared to see amazing 3D and a week and short story.

If your ever in the Guilford area pop in to this theatre just outside the Guillford Mall. Courteous, efficient staff that keep a clean and enjoyable theatre. Unlike the Empire Theatre / Capitol 6 here in downtown Victoria, that I try to avoid, even though I live two blocks away.

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