Goyer goes Steam Punk Invisible

David Goyer (Blade, Dark Knight) has confirmed that he is working on a new version of The Invisible Man for Universal and his next project could be either that or the X-Men Origins: Magneto movie.

Goyer says, “My take is kind of an extrapolation. It actually deals with a nephew of the first character. It’s got some of the characters from the H.G. Wells book, but it’s kind of a continuation.”

“It involves Scotland Yard getting their hands on the current Invisible Man and basically saying, ‘Wow, you’d be a really good secret agent to send into Imperial Russia right now,’” an enthusiastic Goyer said of the plot. “It starts off from there.”

Goyer claims it'll push some boundaries - "It's very steam punk...I took what being invisible could mean to the next logical extreme. We do a lot of crazy things in it that are sort of far beyond what anyone's done with it yet."

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