Dr. Who in America

For my Dr. Who friends, a report from The News of the World that two of the upcoming Doctor Who TV specials for next year will be filmed in America.

With the full season being replaced by at least three specials next year, word now comes that these tele-movies will include not just a U.S. setting but a U.S. assistant as well.

Showrunner Russell T. Davies "is determined to go out with a bang and the specials will be explosive - we're spending much more money on them than normal".

Reasons for the move stateside seam to be twofold, the British Pound goes feather in the US and the surge in popularity of the series in the US where it is shown on the Sci-Fi channel.

Meanwhile the BBC has announced that Torchwood will have an unusual schedule next year. As previously reported, the third season will be cut from twelve episodes to just five.

Its reported that these episodes, operating under the moniker 'Children Of Earth', will be shown over five consecutive nights on BBC One sometime next spring.

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