Desert Bus for Hope launched in 2003 to wild critical acclaim-that is, the acclaim was wildly critical. Started as an outlet for co-creators Graham and Paul to fulfill their desire of making funny videos, LRR has grown into an internet comedy destination.

Inspired in name and appearance by the Commdore 64 Home Computer System, LRR is a site run by-and for-geeks. You have to be at least a bit of a geek to think writing, shooting and producing a new, original short sketch every week is feasible. But you have to be a giant geek to actually do it. Since LoadingReadyRun's start in 2003, it has consistently updated with a new video, every week. Often more!

LRR videos have been featured in film festivals such as the Comic Con International Film Festival in San Diego, and shown on major TV networks, including G4 TechTV, The CW and even CNN.

In 2007, LRR organized the First Annual "Desert Bus for Hope" charitable fundraiser, in support of Child's Play. The event, which saw members of the crew play the worst video game ever made for 4 days solid, raised over $22,000 for the children's charity. This is year two.

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