Cosplay for 03/18/12

Cosplay by: Vannessa and Samantha McDonald
Cosplay of: Marvel's Black Widow and DC's Harley Quinn
Photo By: Jason Tice
Location: Tsukino Con 2012, Victoria, Canada
naughty red-head cleavage cat-suit
TSU 9/16

Cosplay by: Zaya Spif
Cosplay of: Resident Evil's Jill Valentine
Photo By: ZiggyB
Location: Anime Expo 2010, L.A., USA
naughty blond cleavage cat-suit
AEX 13

Cosplay by: Yaya Han
Cosplay of: Granado Espada's Wizard
Photo By: Ash B
Location: Katsucon 18, D.C., USA
purple cleavage long dress
Kats 13

Cosplay by: Push Sama
Cosplay of: White Rock Shooter
Photo By: Anna Frolova
Location: Russia
RU 13

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