666 Park Avenue


ABC has the spooky feel on this show that's just right for the Fall season. It even includes Terry O'Quinn {69} as the mysterious, in control, owner, Gavin Doran, of the Drake Apartments at 666 Park Avenue.

There is a bit of a mystery to the goings on at the huge old tenement. Young couple Jane (Rachael Taylor {109}) and Henry have just moved in and as Henry (Dave Annable {1}) works for the Mayor's Office, Jane has just gotten the job of Manager of the building. Jane is a snoopy type and while Gavin seems to be upto devilish work, you'd think he'd not want her getting into things that she shouldn't be seeing. Contrarily, he appears to welcome it.

This is a good start to a series, but not really my thing, so you may not see it here again.

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