Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Title: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
Episode: 7.02

Special Guests: Mark Williams {265}
Rupert Graves {24}

Writer: Chris Chibnall {w12}
Director: Saul Metzstein

Rating: ****

Doctor Who episode Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was so good last night. There were a lot of great quotable lines, including the title. Loved seeing Mark Williams (Harry Potter) as Rory's dad, Rupert Graves (Sherlock) as John Riddell and Queen Nefertiti as a companion to the Doctor.

This is a love it or hate it episode, as I've seen a lot of complaints on the net that it didn't have enough story for some. To me it was a great, fun episode.

Anyone else notice the differences to the opening sequence?
The Tardis
As I said earlier the quotes were great:----
Amy: They're with you? Are they the new us? Is that why we haven't seen you?
Doctor: No the're just people, they're not Ponds. I thought we might need a gang. Not really had a gang before, its new.

Brian: Sorry, sorry. Are you saying, dinosaurs are flying a spaceship?
Doctor: Brian please, that would be ridiculous. They're probably just passengers. Did I mention missiles?

Doctor: Teleport! Ah, I hate Teleports!

Brian: What sort of man doesn't carry a trowel. Put it on your Christmas-list.
Rory: Dad, I'm 31 I don't have a Christmas list any more.
Doctor: I do!

Nefertit: And you Amy, are you also a Queen?
Amy: Yes, yes I am.

Brian: Is that a Kestrel?
Doctor: I do hope so.

Doctor: Thanks for spelling it out.
Doctor: Spelling it out is hereditary, wonderful.

Doctor: You don't have any vegetable matter in your trousers, do you Brian?
Brian: Only my Balls?
Doctor: I'm sorry?
Brian: Golf balls. Grassy residue.
Lots more comedy gold, I'll just leave the comments open for you to post some of your favourites.

When Rory asks the Doctor about the ships defence systems and the Doctor kisses him, Rory's reaction is priceless and I'm sure that scene will be fuel for plenty of /fiction.

The best part of the episode for me wasn't really any of the comedy, but the scene with Brian sitting on the lip of the Tardis, feet dangling in space, as he eats a sandwich watching the Earth below. Touching and beautiful.

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