The Power of Three

The Doctor Who episode The Power of Three (or The Invasion of the Very Small Cubes) was a great tale mixed with the pending departure of the Ponds. Mark Williams 266(Harry Potter) was back as Rory's dad, and made a great addition to the team, even if he did get captured by the Shakri.

At one point I was noticing that it was taking a while to get in to the meat of the story in this episode, but I think that was the idea. It was a year that they had to wait to figure out what the cubes where, and as to many shows do, you can't rush by a year in 15 minutes.

The Ponds discuss the need to make a choice between real life and their ten years of Doctor-life. Every turn they're shown that while they enjoy Doctor Life, if they`re ever going to live this life they need to do so, and not cling to him, like an addict to their dealer.
The introduction of Jemma Redgrave 0 as Kate Stewart of U.N.I.T. was interesting, as Torchwood seems to be gone, now UNIT can re-emerge as the Doctor's de-facto taskforce, I'm sure Producer Steven Moffat has big plans for her and an interesting storyline over the next two years, that she'll be a part of.

Dialogue for this episode:

Rory: There couldn't be life forms in every cube, could there?
Doctor: I don't know, and I really don't like not knowing.

Doctor: Since when does science run the military?
Kate Stewart: Since me.

Kate Stewart: Science leads, he always told me. He said he learned that…from an old friend.
Doctor: We don’t let him down.

Rory: What do you think we do when we are not with you?
Doctor: I imagine mostly kissing.

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