Doctor Who - A Prequel

WARNING *** Spoilers*** I make no attempt to hide the things that I know or have seen about upcoming episodes and may reveal something below that you didn't want to know. You have be warned.

We are a week away from the second half of the Doctor Who 7th Series. Three months ago we experienced the "introduction" of Clara, in The Snowmen, an episode by showrunner Steven Moffat. At the end of the episode we were treated to a trailer or teaser of what was coming in the second half of series seven. In that trailer we see The Doctor and Clara in scenes from all eight of the new episodes and this article breaks down the shots perfectly.

So January and February have been quiet except for rumours, but March brought another trailer (and a different one on BBC One) and today a minisode.

This minisode introduces us to the next episode The Bells of St. John, and hugely whets our appetite for next weekends chapter in the nearly 50 years of Doctor Who. This episode was being called Phantom of the Hex and from the bits I've seen of the episode I see why.

Oh and this new episode specific trailer came out too.


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