Doctor Who - Minisodes

Doctor Who is an amazingly well written and run show out of the UK that airs ten - thirteen episodes per season, or as they're calling them, Series. but between the episodes we are seeing more and more of what Matt Smith refereed to as minisodes, mini-episodes. Before Series 7 started the BBC posted 5 Pond Life minisodes to YouTube. Before The Snowmen Christmas Special there was a minisode on YouTube and another on BBC's own site. I have links to all the minisodes in my Doctor Who episode guide.

The minisodes aren't needed to understand or enjoy Doctor Who, but they do enhance it. I only recently found out about an episode called P.S., which fills in details after Angles take Manhattan and it made the whole Doctor Who experience that much cooler.

P.S. tells the story of what happen to Rory and Amy after the episode Angles Take Manhattan, it was written for the end of that episode but never shot, so the BBC uses animation and storyboards to tell the story of Brian Pond Williams and the grandson that is older than he is.

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