A few weeks ago I started a survey, to see what some of the most popular things in fandom were. In 17 days and 64 responses I have the results.

First I wanted to see what peoples favorite franchise was. This ended up being a tie between Harry Potter and Marvel, with Doctor Who in a close 3rd. The fewest votes went to Superman.

Mode of transportation was next with Doctor Who's TARDIS being the clear favorite. Dragons are also a favored transport. Despite Harry Potter being a favored franchise, the train was the least desired form of transportation.

Who is your Favorite Male Character? I think a lot of people struggled with this one. Tony Stark and the Doctor tied, but Gandalf wasn't far behind in votes. Maybe my list was too ambitious, as Spock, Anikin and Ron Weasley all missed any votes.

Who is the best opponent or villain? Clearly its Darth Vader, the Sith Lord. No one voted for Lex Luthor at all.

Female Favorites seemed a little harder to choose, more than one voter skipped this category. Of those that did vote, most went with Harry Potter's Hermione Granger, despite the fact that I misspelled her name. No one voted for Superman's girlfriend, Lois Lane.

Through all the categories, Superman was the least voted on, despite the upcoming movie, Doctor Who was the most voted with its final half of Season 7 airing through the voting period. Buffy did well, despite not being on the air for the last ten years.

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