Doctor Who Spin-offs

I know that in my review of The Crimson Horror I made the suggestion of the possibility of a Paternoster Gang spin-off, but a recent read of Doctor Who TV shed some light on other derivative possibilities.

Along with the Paternoster Gang they speculated the creation of a UNIT series. U.N.I.T. has appeared in only about four episodes during the Matt Smith years, so are the fans really ready to see a military and science, earth based series about aliens? The same question I guess could be asked about the proposed Jo Grant Adventures to replace the dearly departed Sarah Jane, of The Sarah Jane Adventures on CBBC (Children's BBC).

Taken February 6, 2013
The most desired series would be the Adventures of Captain Jack and River Song, a fan desired pairing that has been around for a long time, but got some traction in Vancouver, Canada when actors Alex Kingston{19} and John Barrowman {67} both appeared in the series Arrow. The idea of the pan-sexual Captain Jack Harkness and the overtly flirtatious River Song, wife of the Doctor, together on vortex manipulator excursions boggles the mind with awesomeness.

Of course there has been a huge amount of talk amongst fans of a possible creation of a series featuring Strax, Jenny Flint and Madam Vastra, I think could be called The Case-Book of the Paternoster Gang. The Gang, headquartered in 1890s London, solves mysteries similar to Sherlock Holmes of the same era.

Appearances of The Paternoster Gang:

-A Good Man Goes to War
   A Good Man Goes to War - 2 Days Later [minisode]
   The Great Detective [minisode]
   Vastra Investigates [minisode]
   Songtaran Carols [minisode]

-The Snowmen
-The Crimson Horror
   Strax Field Report [minisode]
-The Name of the Doctor

We have two long-version episodes coming later this year, the 50th Anniversary Special on November 23rd and the Christmas Special on Christmas Day, after that we have to wait till fall of 2014 before we see more of Doctor Who. It would be nice to have something in the interim to tied us over.

Other possibles are Angie and Artie, wards of Clara, now that they've seen other worlds and creatures. I think we are past any talk of bringing back Amy and Rory for their own series, but we could see a return to 1969/70 and The Adventures of Canton Delaware III (Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon), but I think that story-line has played it self out. Where else could we see a spin-off come from?

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