Twelfth Doctor pt.2

So we now know the new face of Doctor Who's new Doctor. Peter Capaldi {76}, who betting agents had down as the "sure bet". This is the very reason Executive Producer Steven Moffat felt the need to reveal who it was so early, nearly five months before the episode that reveals him airs.

My speculation that they might not actually reveal who it was, centered around the fact that Moffat has become known for tricking the audience into looking one way, while he sets them up for a huge reveal, in the other direction. Which can be frustrating, but enjoyable at the same time.

Peter Capaldi, a self-described lifelong fan of the show, has been seen in Doctor Who previous. The Fires of Pompeii, he played Caecilius and in Torchwood's Children of Earth he played John Frobisher. He has other sci-fi credentials; The Lair of the White Worm (1988) and Neverwhere (1996, written by Neil Gaiman), as Islington, the fallen angel.

As filming gets going on the Christmas Special, where Peter will make his first appearance, we'll probably get some still images showing how he'll dress, bust as to what kind of character this incarnation will be, I think we'll all have to wait till December 25th.

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