Doctor Who 50th Weekend.

Well its been an amazing weekend for all us Doctor Who fans across the globe, but not everyone got to see everything that was a part of the big 50th Anniversary Special. The two hour special event episode written by Steven Moffat was only part of the experience.

Mere moments after the screening, Moffat and current Doctor, Matt Smith, were awarded a special achievement by the Guinness World Book of Records. The record they broke? The largest simulcast of a television episode, The Day of the Doctor, was broadcast in 94 countries.

Before the show even aired there were a few minisodes in the lead-up. First was a spectacular 6:49 look at the end of the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann, who while holding the title of current Doctor for the longest, 9 years, only appeared in one 2 hour TV movie (shot in Canada), until now. Night of The Doctor brings back the Sisterhood of Karn, and sees the beginning of John Hurt, as the War Doctor. It also gives us the perfect lead in to the anniversary special.

Two days before the anniversary, another minisode, this one taking place on Gallifrey, home of the time lords. The Last Day looks at the events of the war, from the viewpoint of a new recruit in Arcadia.

Doctor Who the Ultimate Guide got things going on BBC Three, a week before. A 2 hour special with a lot of current and past members giving their view to what the Doctor is, as a show, and who the Doctor is. A similar show Tales from the TARDIS aired on BBC America.

British physicist Brian Cox looked at The Science of Doctor Who, and in my opinion made the best demonstration of the effect of a Black Hole on time, and why people seem to freeze when they hit the event horizon. The Culture Show took a look at You, Me, and Doctor Who as an examination of the effects of Doctor Who, over its 50 year history, on the popular culture.

The fifth Doctor, Peter Davison (my Doctor), created a special for BBC Three where he, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann all try to get themselves into Steven Moffat's 50th Anniversary Special. The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot featured a lot of cameos and Peter Jackson, who has expressed a desire to shoot an episode of the longest running sci-fi series.

As the special started we heard these words from Starx:

Then on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at 7:50pm GMT (11:50am PST) the big event, The Day of the Doctor aired.

Mark Gatiss gave us An Adventure in Space and Time, a 90 minute dramatization of the creation of the series. The show included crediting Canadian producer Sydney Newman as the creator of the series. There was even a Behind the Scenes special of the show.

After the show, the BBC release of the first look at the (one month and counting) Christmas Special.

Doctor Who Live: The After Party, was essentially a talk show that had way too many guests, most of the living Doctors and nearly all the living companions, even Susan, the Doctor's Granddaughter.

I do know that there was something on CBBC (children's BBC) called 12 Again, that had members of Doctor Who, but I have no other details.

Buzzfeed did a great little page on things hidden in the anniversary special

I hope this is a complete guide to all things celebrating the 50th Anniversery of our beloved Doctor Who. If I discover anything additional I'll add it in.


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