Doctor Who: Kill the Moon

Title: Kill the Moon
Episode: 8.08
The Moon - 2049

Companion: Clara

Guests: Samuel Anderson{6}
Ellis George {4}
Hermione Norris {1}

Writer: Peter Harness {w1}
Director: Paul Wilmshurst{d3}

Rating: ***

Before even watching this episode I was wary. The excitement level just seemed to be missing from the trailer and the monsters where spiders. I know lots of people that are afraid of spiders, and given the right circumstances I don't like them either, but this wasn't one of those times for me.

The question of how the the moon puts on weight really threw me, an egg? First off, eggs don't gain mass, there's no external source. The Mexican moon base had an open door, yet when the power is restored there is a sudden supply of oxygen. Even when the lights/power go out? To quote Courtney, "Why did I just fly?"

There is fiction in Science Fiction, but it can't be so fictitious that it takes the show out of the realm of possibilities. When I stop and say, "What!?" during a show, it breaks my suspension-of-disbelief. That is something a show should never do, and this episode did it way too much. I even noticed that the cobwebs they used in the episode looked just like the ones I can buy in the Halloween shops right now.

Clara talks about the Doctor knowing that the moon doesn't get destroyed, because they've seen the future, and the Space Shuttle captain doesn't bat an eyelash when he talks about the fuzziness of the future and what he has seen.

Its not that the Doctor doesn't care, he does, he just needs to do it in a way that you'll learn. If a  parent is always cutting up your meat for, you'll see how its done, but you'll never learn to do it yourself. That was the situation with leaving Clara and the Captain to make the decision on using the nukes to them and not him. Danny was right though about the Doctor pushing too hard. Will we see him redeem himself. Noticeably Clara, Danny and Courtney are absent from the Next Time trailer.

Opening: 6
Setting: 7
Conflict: 8
Plot: 6
Dialogue: 7
Aliens: 5
Costumes: 5

Next time on Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express

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