Top 6 for 2016

This maybe a bit premature, but I wanted to take a look at the what is on the horizon for the film industry as I wait for the numbers to be tallied for 2014. I did my Top 15 for 2015 and will do Top 16 for 2016, when the time comes. This is just an advanced look at where the box-office is going.

1) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice This film will set everything up for the new DC Comics Cinematic Universe; Justice League films, Suicide Squad (#7), Wonder Woman, ect. This film had the audience at Comic-Con 2013 going ballistic. Warner Bros.

2) Avatar 2 Filming started on this recently in New Zealand and like the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies, will continue for a while as they shoot parts 2, 3, and 4 back-to-back. James Cameron can do no wrong in the eyes of Hollywood, as his Titanic and Avatar sit number 1 & 2 on the all-time box-office list. Fox

3) Captain America: Civil War Marvel's first film of 2016, (Doctor Strange #9 in November) could see Spider-Man return to Marvel Studio's control, as a share deal is being worked out with Sony. Disney/Marvel

4) Star Wars: Standalone While the making of Star Wars 7-9 has been on everyone's radar for awhile, the news that most people are missing is that between these bi-annual films are a series of Standalone or Solo films. What characters they'll be about hasn't been revealed, but most think they'll be Yoda, Han Solo, and Boba Fett. Disney/Lucas

5) Finding Dory The Pixar movie that everyone have been waiting for. Back under the sea with Nemo, Marlin and the fish that speaks whale, Dory. I think this film will do as much as both of Pixar's 2015 films. Disney/Pixar

6) X-Men: Apocalypse 20th Century Fox returns with the next installment of the X-Men franchise. Weather or not the February Deadpool (#15) movie will lead into this film or not is uncertain, but I'm sure the end-credit sequence will tease something with Apocalypse. Fox

Do you think I'm right, wrong or somewhere in between? Comment below what you think the top films of 2016 might be.

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