Torchwood return to TV?

John Barrowman talked about having a phone call on Monday (July 25, 2016) to see what could be done about returning Torchwood, the show that had four seasons, to television. Barrowman is known for his antics at conventions and his love of fans, but has said that he is not joking around.

Carole Barrowman (his sister) and John are working together to bring out Titan Comic's Torchwood, and say that fans of the series should pick it up to show support of the show and a new television series. "It's like a Kickstarter."

Doctor Who does have one new spinoff coming in the form of Class, an eight episode teen driven series that will show in the UK on BBC 4. The show takes place at Coal Hill School, last seen where Clara Oswald and Danny Pink worked as teachers.

Another spinoff of Doctor Who was The Sarah Jane Adventures, unfortunately the star (Elisabeth Sladen) of that series passes away.

If Barrowman does make a new season of Torchwood a reality, he'll have some heavy juggling to do. Barrowman is a regular cast member of the Vancouver shot Arrow on the CW network, and has signed a multi-show deal that includes appearances as needed on Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

The return of Torchwood has a lot of potential for interacting with previous and new characters of the Doctor Who Universe.

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