Time Travels

This TV season seems to have the theme of time travel. Back in May all of the networks presented their line-ups for the 2016/2017 TV season and like every year I'll go into detail on the new line-up in the next week, but the constant of time travel caught me eye and I want to touch on that right now.

ABC will introduce Time After Time in January (mid-season) while this one is named after a film, its story seems to differ.

FOX takes to a comedy Making History. Also set to air in January from the guys behind the LEGO Movie and the upcoming Star Wars: Han Solo movie comes a different look at american history.

NBC has Timeless, airing Mondays at 10pm. A time-portal series that obviously takes a more realistic approach to the phenomenon of temporal hopping.

The CW has Frequency, based on the 2000 Dennis Quaid film. Airing Wednesday at 9pm after Arrow. The network already has DC's Legends of Tomorrow as a time traveling series.

The only network missing from this list is CBS. The question is which ones are you interested in watching?


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