Fall TV 2016

What a lackluster year for genre television. Last year we had twenty series and three new shows, compared to this year with just two new shows out of sixteen. Six of the genre shows are on Monday night and seven of them are on The CW network.

Both the new series are timetravel related, which I reviewed in my last article, along with two other shows slated for January.

Supergirl moves to The CW from sister network CBS and sets up a nice series of DC Comics shows Monday to Thursday. The comic-book based Riverdale should appear in January.

Last year NBC had the return of Heroes, with Grimm and this year it's the new series Timeless. I hope the 10pm slot will be good for it. Emerald City is due Fridays in January, and a DC Comics based series called Powerless.

CBS adds the ultimate gadget man series, MacGyver. This borders the genre TV catagory, but I thought I'd give it a pass, this year.

Fox has nothing new this year. At least they have two series. In January they premier one of the other time-travel shows.

ABC owned by Disney, you'd think there'd be more than a Marvel series and an all encompassing fairy tale show. The fourth time-travel series is set for Sundays in January, as well a take on the story of the Capulets and Montagues of Romeo and Juliet fame, Still Star-Crossed.

The CWSupergirl
Oct 10

The Flash
Oct 4

Oct 5
Frequency ^
Oct 5

Legends of
Oct 13
Oct 13
Vampire Diaries
Oct 21

NBCTimeless ^
Oct 3

Oct 14
CBSBig Bang Theory
Sept 19
Oct 3
MacGyver ^
Sept 23
Sept 19
Sept 19
Sept 20
Once Upon
A Time
Sept 25


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