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It occurred to me some time ago that there should be a quantifier examining the importance of an actor/actress regarding the Science-Fiction Fanbase. Hollywood uses a system called TAG (Trailing Average Gross). TAG represents a performers average box-office performance over their last five released credited films. Its used to score how big a draw an actor is.

Daniel Radcliffe has stared in all eight Harry Potter films as well as three side projects.

ReleasedMovie NameRole1st weekendUS GrossWorldwide Gross
2/3/2012The Woman in BlackArthur Kipps$20,874,072$53,959,499$59,459,499
7/15/2011Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part IIHarry Potter$169,189,427$381,011,219$1,328,111,219
11/19/2010Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part IHarry Potter$125,017,372$295,983,305$956,399,711
7/15/2009Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceHarry Potter$77,835,727$301,959,197$934,416,487
9/14/2007December BoysMaps$15,810$46,474$1,146,474
7/11/2007Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixHarry Potter$77,108,414$292,004,738$942,943,935
11/18/2005Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireHarry Potter$102,685,961$290,013,036$896,911,078
6/4/2004Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanHarry Potter$93,687,367$249,538,952$796,688,549
11/15/2002Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsHarry Potter$88,357,488$261,987,880$878,979,634
11/16/2001Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneHarry Potter$90,294,621$317,575,550$974,755,371
3/30/2001Tailor of PanamaMark$1,837,068$13,491,653$27,491,653
Total Grosses$2,457,571,503$7,797,303,610
courtesy The-Numbers.comAverage Gross$223,415,591

As we can see his last 5 films:
$53.959M + $381.011M + $295.983M + $301.959M + $0.046M = $1,032.958M
or an average of $206.59M this tells Hollywood Producers that Daniel Radcliffe is a $200 Million draw.

I wanted a way to see his draw to Sci-Fi. By the same system, removing the non-genre films we get a total of $1,560.97M or average $520.32M. For genre films this makes Radcliffe a $520 Million draw to the box-office for genre related films.

But what about the small screen (TV), and significant but smaller rolled actors? How do we judge the cast of Firefly, the new Battlestar Galactica or Doctor Who? I don't have a perfected system, but through discussion and the scientific method of trial and error, I hope to tweak and devise a system we can all agree reflects the score of an Actor or Actress to our beloved genre.

Until I get a better idea or suggestion, my plan is to count the number of appearances in a series as 1 Million in box-office, but not to count series as a divisor.

Patrick Stewart, best known in the genre as Jean-Luc Picard and  Professor Xavier appeared in 176 episodes of Next Generation and 1 episode of DS9. If that is added to his last five genre films:

ReleasedMovie NameRole1st weekendUS GrossWorldwide Gross
2012Ice Age: Continental DriftAriscratle (Voice)-
2012TedNarrator (Voice)-
2/11/2011Gnomeo and JulietBill Shakespeare (Voice)$25,356,909$99,967,670$191,340,411
10/2/2009The Invention of Lying$7,027,472$18,451,251$32,679,264
4/22/2009earthNarrator (International Version) (Voice)$8,825,760$32,011,576$109,011,576
3/23/2007TMNTMax Winters (Voice)$24,255,205$54,149,098$95,009,888
5/26/2006X-Men: The Last StandProfessor Charles Xavier$102,750,665$234,362,462$459,359,555
11/4/2005Chicken LittleMr. Woolensworth (Voice)$40,049,778$135,386,665$314,432,738
4/22/2005The Game of Their LivesDent McSkimming$175,336$375,474$375,474
3/18/2005SteamboyLord Steam$136,148$468,867$10,468,867
1/14/2005Racing StripesSir Trenton (Voice)$13,920,052$49,772,522$93,772,522
5/2/2003X2Prof. Charles Xavier$85,558,731$214,949,694$407,711,549
12/13/2002Star Trek: NemesisCapt. Jean-Luc Picard$18,513,305$43,254,409$67,312,826
12/21/2001Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusKing Goobot$13,832,786$80,936,232$102,992,536
12/18/1998The Prince of EgyptPharaoh Seti$14,524,321$101,413,188$218,600,000
12/11/1998Star Trek: InsurrectionCapt. Jean-Luc Picard$22,052,836$70,187,658$117,800,000

$177M + $234.362M + $214.949M + $43.254M + $157.299M + $70.187M = $897.051 Million, or a Sci-Fi Factor of 179.

What are we missing? Is Patrick Stewart that much less of an influence on the genre than Daniel Radcliffe? Or are there other significant factors that we need to calculate? Do we bring Radcliffe's score down, or Stewart's up?

Through my blog I'll make references to this Sci-Fi Factor with {179}, so if I mention an actor like Patrick Stewart{179}, it tells you his Sci-Fi Factor, as of the date of the article.

NameJobSci-Fi FactorTAG
David S. GoyerWriter{W268}38
Robert Downey Jr.Actor{330}199
Jerry BruckheimerProducer{P185}---
James CameronDirector{D891}105

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