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Alice Drummond passes at 88

I don't post many obits on here. Most get a lot of social media attention and I feel like I'm late to the gate in posting them here. This one caught me though, because she's not that big a name and yet she's someone that a lot of us will recognize.

I'm sure the name Alice Drummond, wouldn't ring any bells, but when you see her face in context to her work.

Her screen credits go back to 1967's Dark Shadows where she played Nurse Jackson, then she the frightened librarian at the beginning of the 1984 Ghostbusters. Ten years later she played Mrs. Finkle in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. She's had lots of other rolls too even as recent as the 2008 Doubt.

She spent a lot of time on broadway too, with plays like Lysistrata (1959) The Chinese and Dr. Fish (1970, Tony Nomination), Boy Meets Girl (1976) and You Can't Take It With You (1984).

According to The Hollywood Reporter her death was caused by complications from a fall she suffered two months prior.

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